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Are you trying to find a Scottish Terrier of your own?  We'd like to  help.

First, make sure Scotties are the right breed for you. They are not the breed for everyone! If you are new to the breed, here are some links that might help you decide: Scottish Terrier Club of America. Nationally known STCA breeder, Charla Hill's webpage "Buying a Scottie"  as well as Petdogs-L How to choose a breed.

Finding a reputable breeder is the next step. A reputable breeder's goal is to improve the breed by choosing dogs that conform to the Scottish Terrier Standard, and they care deeply about finding the right homes for their puppies.  You can expect a contract with a requirement to spay or neuter your pet Scottie, and a written guarantee.  You will not find their puppies in pet stores or advertised in newspapers. Please  use our online for to request a breeder referral form which is below.

Breeder Referral Postmaster

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When you make your request, please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for.  Your request will be forwarded to a list of club breeders, and hopefully one of them may be able to help you in your search.  Be patient and persistent, finding a well-bred Scottish Terrier can take time.  There are often more requests than our small group of breeders can readily fill.  If no one answers your request, ask again in a month or two.

Breeder Referral Submission form

Please answer the questions as best you can. The information will be forwarded on to the breeders on our list, who will use your answers to to help you find the right dog. These breeders do their best to breed quality puppies. When seeking a nicely bred scottie puppy, you can expect a contract spelling out the breeder's requirements and guarantees, and you should expect to pay between $1000 - $1500 or more for a pet quality puppy from these sources.


Breeder Referral Application

Limitations and Disclaimers

Breeder Referral is offered solely as a convenience and courtesy for persons who request information from the Washington State Scottish  Terrier Club relative to locating sources for Scottish Terrier dogs.  The Washington State Scottish Terrier Club ("WSSTC") does not intend  that be construed as an endorsement for any particular person or dog  whose contact was the result of using Breeder Referral. The WSSTC is  not responsible for any representations, conditions, warranties, or  other terms made between parties to a transaction resulting from, or  incidental to, a relationship involving any person listed herein, nor  for injury or damages arising from or related to the information  provided by Breeder Referral.Please note: It is the policy of the WSSTC not to provide contact information for  our breeders.  All inquires are sent to  club breeders who  have signed a Code of Ethics pledge. The above disclaimer applies to all inquires, actions and results of anyone using this web  site or WSSTC to find, locate or purchase a Scottish Terrier.