The Breed

The Scottish Terrier, like the Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, Skye and West Highland White Terriers, is a descendent of a dog generally referred to as the Old Scotch Terrier, a short-legged, wiry-coated dog of varying colors found scattered in various locales around the Scottish Highlands. The appearance of the dog was not so important in those early days, but the job it did was. The life of the crofter was difficult, and the terrier was indispensable for keeping predators away from the crofters livestock, and the smaller vermin out of the kitchen and barn. Since some of these predators included the fox and the badger, not only the dogs physical toughness was tested, but his courage as well. While the outward appearance of the Scottie has changed significantly since the origins of the breed, the physical and mental toughness are still hallmarks of the breed today.

the standard

The standard as it is written describes the perfect specimen of the breed, against which all show dogs are compared when in competition. The closer the dog is to matching the Standard, the more likely it is to attain its championship. However, just because a Scottie is not quite championship caliber, that does not mean it cannot be a star in some other field, be it an agility field, a tracking field, an earth dog field, the obedience ring, or most importantly, your home. After all, the most important title a Scottie can attain is the championship of its owners heart!