Dog shows were originally organized as a place for breeders to gather to have their breeding stock evaluated by someone experienced and knowledgeable in their respective breed. Now dog shows run the gamut from formal events to agility and herding trials. The most popular dog shows are known as conformation shows. At these shows, dogs are awarded points based on how closely the dog compares to the written standard of its breed. These descriptions are known as the breed standard      
   All of the characteristics that define the ideal specimen of the breed are listed in the standard.   
The Specialty Show is a dog show put on by a club devoted to a single breed of dog. The Specialty show is conducted and points are awarded to the dogs just as it would occur in an all- breed show. The only difference between a Specialty show and an all-breed conformation show is that there is no variety group or Best-in-Show competition.



There are however, many other classes offered at a Specialty show. For example, a Specialty show may offer a Veteran Class and Sweepstakes classes. The Veteran class is open to dogs and bitches seven years of age or older. The winner of this class is eligible to compete in the Best of Breed judging. The Sweepstakes classes are offered in conjunction with regular classes, but no championship points are offered or awarded. The winners do not go on to complete for the Best of Breed. These classes allow breed enthusiasts additional opportunities to evaluate what lines within the breed are producing outstanding quality dogs, and it offered exhibitors additional classes to showcase their dogs.   

   All clubs sponsoring an American Kennel Club championship show must issue   

what is called a premium list. A premium list contains all of the information needed to enter the show. It also states the fees, judges and prizes that will be offered. For further information and more in-depth information about Specialty Shows visit 


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